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Corsair Force3 60G setup question

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Just got a corsair force 60G set up and ran some benchmark, but it wasn't really up to expectation.
My mobo is MSI x48C plat. using the ICH9R chip.
Ran the fresh windows 7 installation ( upgrade version, so I have to install twice to make the cd-key valid ), and some suggested tweaks. AHCI is turned on in bios as well as the intel drivers properly installed.
From AS SSD the sequential read is around 190mb/s and the write is around 90ish mb/s. I know that my mobo is SATAII can't fully utlized the sata3 from the force3, but i would expect both read and write should be at the 200+mb/s bracket.

Tried a kingston V100 64G yesterday, couldn't get to the listed spec ( actually pretty far away) untill I decieded to maunally format the drive myself with 64k unit size. Then the sequential read/write matchs the spec, but random 4k read/write drops below 15mb/s... so... decided to return it and get this force3 to see if I can get some better performance

So... my question is... is 64k unit size is a must to achive the spec write/read speed for sata2 or there is something mess up during my setup. First time running a SSD here, this thing is sure tricky to work with :/

Also saw somewhere online stating that windows vista upgrade version wont format the ssd properly. Is it the same case for win7?

P.S here is my drive info from msinfo32

ModelCorsair Force 3 SSD
Media LoadedYes
Media TypeFixed hard disk
SCSI Logical Unit0
SCSI Port0
SCSI Target ID0
Size55.90 GB (60,019,868,160 bytes)
Total Cylinders7,297
Total Sectors117,226,305
Total Tracks1,860,735
PartitionDisk #0, Partition #0
Partition Size55.90 GB (60,019,441,664 bytes)
Partition Starting Offset1,048,576 bytes

Here is the SS for AS SSD

Thanks for the input in advance!!!
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Nvm... To answer myself... Corsair fail with as ssd. They suggest to use atto as the only benchmark to determine their spec speed.
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