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So for a while now, I have been reading the guides here and parusing the discussions, learning about how to overclock. I decided two days ago to take the plunge and start messing around with my bios. I started slow and it was going great, 50 MHz extra here, fsb was growing, upped my vcore and heat was in check, everything was great until last night when I upped my multiplyer to 14x, when I saved the changes and rebooted, it didn't post. I soft shut down the computer, let it sit for a minute or two then turned it on and still nothing. I decided to reset the CMOS, so I removed the battery and switched the jumper. Now when I turn it on, it posts , but I can only run windows in safe mode. What should I do???

My system is an oldie!
Asus A7n8x 2.0 deluxe
AMD Athlon 2700+
2gb ram (1gb + 2ea(512mb)
nvidia 7300 gt(i think) gpu

any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you