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Hi guys, recently since i hooked up my dual monitors, i have been getting random graphics card related blue screens. I got one yesterday and one today both pointing to my graphics card drivers. I hooked up my monitors about two weeks ago, and since then have gotten a few other graphics card related BSOD's, but this is the first time it has happened two days in a row, so i figured i would make a post about it. Yesterday i got the blue screen when i was playing Bad Company 2, and today i got it when i was playing Starcraft 2. According to Blue Screen View, the following drivers are causing the problem.


for some reason it wont let me attach the dump file via the attachment manager on OCN, so i uploaded it to this link

i also attached a screenshot of what the blue screen looks like according to blue screen view. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

EDIT: i am using up to date nvidia drivers

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