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How much does an airbrush kit w/ compressor cost? I searched on ebay but the prices varied from like $100 to $200. I want like a beginner kit, nothing special. Not a practicing kit either though cuz I want to be able to use it for my case
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Well if you not prepared to spend the cash all you can expect is beginner kits if that. even for a cheap compressor your looking at a cool $90 and that is from a cheap car shop.

As for brushes you are looking from $30(cheap)-$119 for the brush alone. Then you need to know what type of brush you are looking for, do you want a singe or dual action brush?

Then you need the hose, regulator and moisture trap as well (depending on paint to be used). then add to that replacement rubbers if using automotive paint, thinners and other hidden costs.

But the price of the gear is directly related to the quality of paint job.

But to get you started, have a look at these sites:


These are the most versatile of all.


Since these are mostly designed for models, you can bet that detailing is their forte. Plus thinners are no hassle for them. Plus add to that the most easy to maintain of the three brands.


These are pro tools, but none the less if you try airbrushing and love it this is company to go to for better gear.
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