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Does this sound more like a CPU or mobo issue?

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Or possibly both. This is the last variable in my power surge issue.

Every part from my rig seems functional. The PSU was shot for sure, but I had a chance to swap the RAM/video card to a friend's computer to verify they were still working.

What confused me was when I bought a new PSU - the computer booted into Windows fine, but no programs would open due to a "compatibility issue" and would crash shortly after attempting to open anything. Blue screens, PAGE_FAULT, IRQL_NOT_LESS, etc. Ubuntu would load up perfectly, though it refused to accept an internet connection and eventually froze once or twice, but was fine for the most part.

The Windows install was pretty much screwed when I popped this HDD into my friend's rig. In his rig, though, Ubuntu picked up my internet on its own and I was able to browse the web fine for a few hours. No Windows disc to reinstall with, but yes.

As far as I can see there is no physical damage to the board. It POSTs successfully whenever I boot, so there's that. Is there anything defining here that suggests a failing CPU over the motherboard? I assumed it was the board and already ordered a new one.

Advice appreciated!

Edit: May be worth noting my friend's HDD (also with Win7) was only able to consitently get to the Windows loading screen. PC rebooted each time without fail.

Edit2: A few updates. Occasionally it only POSTs if I force it to via pressing tab at the mobo logo screen. Ubuntu has failed to boot now several times. With both sticks of RAM removed, there is no beeping - PC shuts itself off.

Ubuntu boots intermittently - either it will or it won't. It booted once in a weird color scheme, gave me a GNOME power management error, and promptly froze.

Edit3: Noticed without ram and VGA, all my case lights blink in half second intervals, but there is no audible beep. So it seems the motherboard recognizes it's missing things. BIOS seems to be accessible.
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It's a shame; such a nice motherboard, and I can't find it anywhere online anymore..
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Going to bump this before I leave for the night.
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