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Just built my first comp this past week (most fun I've had in a while haha) and I have run into a really peculiar problem with power dvd 11 ultra. In all other programs (foobar, games etc) I have normal volume through the HDMI (1.4a) of the evga gtx 570 but whenever I put in a DVD or Blu Ray the volume seems way too muffled. Here is the list of things I have already tried. For example at 60 volume out of 100 the sound is so loud for music that it is nearly unbearable to stay in the room and yet in power dvd at 60 volume it is a little bit more than a whisper.
The obvious changing of both the computer master volume and the powerdvd software itself.
Changing the environment option (from quiet to noisy) within the player itself.
Regedit to change the hexadecimal value of mastervolume key to 0x0000000018
I can get the receiver/amplifier to put out decent volume but ONLY if every volume is set close to max (this clearly shouldn't happen as music played through this volume would rupture eardrums and cause sudden abortions within a 2 mile radius). Thanks for all the help in advance.