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Weird BSoD cause

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was in a game when I suddenly got a 0x0124 BSoD. I thought sure add more Vcore or QPI/VTT.

added one more dash of Vcore and proceeded to boot up, but...

my PC would not start up and gave me a "restart and chose correct boot device"

I went back into Bios and my C300 SSD was not to be seen in the Boot configuration!?

was hungry so I went up to eat some dinner, when I got back and turned on the PC, the SSD was again recogniced by the PC and it would boot.

what could be the Cause of this?
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possibly corruption of system files or registry
i need some more details here.
what other problems have you been having?
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no Bluescreen problems in a while.

WoW Crashing, videocard driver stopped working and has been restarted
BFBC2 quitting game with no error (many people have this issue too)

Cant remember any other issues
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you should re-install your GPU
i think it'd be the quickest fix instead of screwing with drivers for 8 hours
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as in reseat it in the PCI-E? got watercooling so I really dont want to do that, and I doubt that is the problem too as 0x0124 has nothing to do with GFX cards (unless it can include GFX card voltage) or storage drives
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the thing where your BIOS doesn't see your SSD is a known issue of SSDs. they tend to pop in and out and interfere with other HDDs sometimes on startup (specially if improperly configured)

you could be over heating your cards as well. and i dont just meen reseating, i meen re-install the Graphics card like you did when you first got it. it's the best way to do it.
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Max GPU temps are 40'c

Reinstall Drivers? if so Im waiting on the WHQL 280.xx that will be out next week.

My question was mostly aimed at why my SSD was not in the UEFI, you say its a known/common issue and that was the answer I wanted
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lol well that works then, lol glad i could help
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