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the 6550 is a slow onboard gpu. It can only handle games at 1024x768 resolution.

I'd just like to point out how insanely WRONG you are there... I've not gotten through my whole suite of benchmarks, but I just played some NFS Shift @ 1680x1050 with 4xAA, 16xAF and all game settings on High. There were zero slowdowns for the 21+minute race at Nordschleife (aka Nürburgring). Compared to my 1090T with a 3870X2 running the same settings and race which does have a few stutters (nothing bad, doesn't really effect gameplay). Both the 6550D and 3870X2 were 512MB/GPU (so the X2 is a 1GB card), which if the ASRock A55 Pro3 BIOS allowed for 1GB+ framebuffer, I'd have selected it wink.gif Sure, the Vantage score is 1/2 that of the 1090T+3870X2 rig, but real world results are proving the A8-3850 to be very capable!

And for anyone curious, memory is set at 1866 8-9-8-24 1T with the CPU-NB speed at default (I'm trying to sort out what speed that is, but looks to be only 1500MHz... confused.gif)