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Hi there everyone,

I recently went out and bought an MSI P67 board only to come home and decide I was a fool to buy it with the recent release of the Z68 chipset boards.

I run a GTX480, which gets very hot even under very little load, and consequently runs the fan quite loud, so the idea of the integrated graphics switching (where it supposedly turns off the graphics card almost completely) appealed massively to me...

Of course running a DELL 3008WFP with a 2560x1600 resolution meant that the intel HD3000 graphics actually couldn't cope anyway. So I scrapped this idea for good.

Now the only thing that holds me back from returing this board is the Intel Rapid Storage feuture of the Z68 whereby it uses a large hard drive nd a small SSD together. Cache frequently used files on the SSD (like the OS) while still apering as on very large C: drive in windows. So again, I went out and bought a Crucial C300 64gb SATA III drive and a WD 2.0tb SATA III drive in hope that I could get this to work.

It would be really great to get it all working since my SSD always fills up with nothing (thanks windows) after about a month..

Please someone help me frown.gif How do I get this working?

I have...

ASUS P8Z68-v
i7 2600k