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wow thanks. I did notice that vcore usually cures instability but it didn't have any effect this time. when unstable and booting i had it stuck on a system restore loop mad.gif

ive got bios 1.90a just thought id try it and got original on stick.

i never had apm disabled, did first time tho. will do those settings

im trying to work out what they mean by target temperature and target fan speed, i would think the fans hit that speed at 'target temps'. just asrock made it complicated. and a nice fan control or fan curve setting would of been great!

did notice that when i set vcore it overvolts by 30mv or so, ill test LLC out.

i did notice cmos likes to be cleared even with older and budget boards

thanks! will get back with results!

p.s this thread should be renamed Asrock Fatal1ty 990FX professional CLUB tongue.gif
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(double post as no1 seems to write on here)

how do i get the dr bug leds to give temp display? its in a discussion on this thread but doesnt say how, and google is useless!

and stability beyond 4.5ghz is annoyingly frustrating driving me crazy! even with voltages, tips and every bit of info i could find on here.

even my old cheap board could get higher more stable for longer (without throttling for a while)

this helps a lot, motherboard temps dont go above 26*c
vrm heatsink stays pretty cool
stability improved
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What temp are you looking for that dr bug LEDs are suppose to show? What temp is your CPU core temp?
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someone mentioned led showing temps on 1.4x, so wondering if its still possible?

my cpu never goes beyong 50*c. mostly hovers 40-45*c @ 1.488v

i even changed the eps12v to the atx connector on my psu, to see if it helps.

seems any multi change above 22x it becomes unstable after 20 min. but with slight bus increases its ok 20+ min

im currently trying different bioses.
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I think that Your Xigmatek is not installed right.

Look at my temps for the FX-8120:

You should have went with some FX-6xxx or FX-8xxx with the AMD HD78xx series instead of the HD7950 with the FX-4100.

For Your resolution, 1440x900 the HD78xx is an overkill, and the stronger CPU would give you more profit in modern games.
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im buying an 8core soon, ive only just moved house and waiting on a larger monitor or even TV. i bought the card when i had the money for it, and upgraded mobo etc piece by piece. even my psu is overkill!

if the xigmatek wasnt installed right itll crash at full load when ran for hours surely? (although i am using the thermal paste that came with it)

that temp is at full load after 30mins @1.488vcore.

ill run a stress test for a bit and show you.
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Here are mine LINX 30min temperatures:

Full stable, 4GHz @ 1.208V, RAM 2133MHz @ 1.65V.
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been running prime for a while. you can see all the details. this can be stable all night, but soon as i want to go above 4.6ghz it gives up. ive had this chip booting at 5.1ghz, ran benches all day at 4.9ghz. so i think im missing a piece of the puzzle somehow. oh the fan on the back of the mobo is to stop the circuit cutting out from heat, ive read this whole thread lol

(prime isnt out of sync just happened to screenshot at test passes haha!)

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It is possible that your chip downgraded because of the usage of high voltage.

I've got one 555BE unlocked to X4 B55 and overclocked to 4.6GHz with 1.65V with this board,
but after a few months of usage it downgraded itself, the chip vent to only be stable on 4.2GHz with 1.65V.

So I don't recommend high voltages on AMD chips. And the FX chip is the only one who becomes highly unstable
with high voltage - try lowering it a bit.
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thanks, well im buying an 8350 soon so will probably leave this at 4.5ghz @ 1.45v and call it a day. ive beaten the top spots on 3dmark with this config so meh!!

however this chip is 3 months old haha!
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