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It only takes one adjustment to not be correct to throw everything off. I found that the HT voltage needed to be 1.25v on my mobo. I run my NB and HT both at 2600 MHz. but I wanted you to try a lower setting to see if you could OC the CPU stable at 4.7-5.0 GHz.

I am running my 2x 4GB. 1866 Mhz. rated G.Skill RAM @ 2133 MHz. without issue even though it offers no system performance because DDR3 RAM running at 1600 MHz. is not a system bottleneck in REAL applications. (I have also run 2x 4GB. Mushkin 1866 MHz. RAM on this same mobo @ 2133 MHz. ).

Memory benches show totally bogus theoretical changes in RAM performance that do not represent any tangible system gains as the RAM frequency and timings above 1600 MHz. is almost meaningless as far as actual system performance goes. As an analogy it's sort of like having a 10 lane highway with only four cars on the roadway... it doesn't matter how many lanes you have beyond 4 as that's all that's necessary to get the four cars to their destination without delays.

You might want to download AMD's Overdrive software and see if adjusting the DIMM driver strength helps your RAM if upping the NB to 1.35v and the HT to 1.25v doesn't allow you to run the RAM at 2000 MHz.

I don't know what RAM timings that you are trying at 2000 MHz. but just to see if it will run try 10-11-10-30 2T with 1.7v as the default voltage for the EMS RAM that you have is typically 1.65v. If you're trying to run 16GB. @ 2000 MHz. 1T on an AMD or even most Intel mobos, it ain't gonna happen IME. 16 GB. of RAM running at 2000 MHz. on an AMD system requires that all settings be perfect AND some luck as AMD only officially supports the FX series CPUs to run (1) DIMM @ 1866 MHz. with a 2-DIMM socket mobo and (2) DIMMs @ 1600 MHz. on a 4- DIMM socket mobo. See the link below.


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Well, my Patriot is working @ 2133MHz like a charm - just using RAM multi. thumb.gif
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Is the Patriot 16GB. or what? I looked at your system specs and it looks like you are running 2x 4GB. @ 2133 MHz. which is no problem IME. 16GB. however on an AMD system @ 2000+ MHz. is asking a lot however. Slower timings may make it happen?
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Yaaayy...the secret was obviously on that HT voltage...

Still not very stable, IBT AVX crashed on small RAM set so there will be a little bit of tune here and there...but this is first time I got it to move above 200MHz HT...previously I couldn't move it not even a one single hertz...
And so far the tests from AIDA showing nice improvement...
See, I noticed that if I have my RAM at that settings it works super sweet...way better than any Intel I had in the past...and present.
One of the reason why I wanted that RAM is because at 2000MHz it offers me a nice low latency...9-10-9-27...but obviously would be no 1T of course..that's where my instability is originating from at this moment...
I'll keep you informed...
If you got any other hints..please, don't hesitate...
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I want to be very clear that the RAM timings and RAM performance data don't mean anything in regards to actual system performance once the DDR3 RAM is running at or above 1600 MHz. The gains are all theoretical and they have no relationship to actual system performance with real applications which you can prove to yourself by running some real applications.

I'd try the 10-11-10-30 2T settings @ 1.7v and up the CPU-NB to 1.30v - if you haven't already.
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I believe that, no doubt, but at least it's nice to see those numbers printed on screen.

What I am impressed more than numbers is how zippy is the system now.
It works as I got used to since I had always run at that 250MHz HT...and never failed me in impression that my machine is quick and very responsive.
I know that any synthetic benches will give me numbers with no sense at all...but trust me, I own Intel machine as well sitting next to this one, where numbers are insane, but nothing as sweet and impressively responsive as my AMD rig.
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Well I hope with a few more tweaks you'll be able to get that 16GB. stable but as I said you are asking a lot @ 2000 MHz. on an AMD CPU/APU as they have not been designed to operate at this high frequency with that quantity of RAM.

If you actually have a need for 16GB. of RAM and software that can use 16GB. then you might consider lowering the RAM frequency if need be to get 100% stability under P95. A higher CPU frequency is FAR more valuable than any RAM frequency above 1600 MHz., no matter how the system might feel.
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No prob...I will investigate all that...now when I know I can run it at those settings I can compare results!
There's a little bit of Cinebench, quickie one...so you can see the progress that setting had achieved!

It certainly works now...
I actually need as much RAM as I could stick on that mobo, however at this stage I will be using only 16GB, but planning upgrade to 32...running a lot of VM's for my studies!
So, I don't need stratospheric OC but stable one, and lots of fast RAM!
So far so good...I think I'll stay with this machine for some time in future...lool!!!

Thanks again!

BTW, I am running beta BIOS 1.91...does it harm?
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I'll send you a bill for the tech advice... smile.gif Just kidding! I'm glad to help where I can.

Beta 1.91A is fine. I'm running Beta 1.91B which corrected an issue with the CPU-NB frequency indicating that it was running at higher than the default frequency of 2200 MHz. when in fact it wasn't actually. AFAIK this only occured when you used the RAM BIOS frequency option of 2133 MHz. and possibly 2400 MHz. With you using the HT clock, you should not experience this issue.

When I find out if they have fixed V1.93 and what it does, then I can decide if it's worth changing to it. All they said is that it improved RAM compatibility but that's pretty vague. That might mean they added support for some new RAM models, IC's or changed timings or default driver strength or any number of things. Without knowing if they fixed the coding error that corrupts some systems, I'm not in any hurry to try V1.93 as it may offer zero benefit for my purposes.
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Yes my stup is 2x 4GB @ 2133MHz, but i have runned 2x (2x 4GB Patriot 2133MHz) + 2x (2x 4GB Mushkin BlackLine 2133MHz) with no problems (1.60 and 1.70 EFI).

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