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Hey all;

I spent some time lurking earlier this week reading the forums on OC my system, here and several other sites and well, I must have seriously failed. The setup I have I know is not ideal for OC, but I thought I should be able to get something out of it with a virtual stock setup.

Okay, so what happens is, whenever I change from stock configuration, system basically shuts down within minutes to shutting down as soon as I get into the bios to tune down back to stock.

Please keep in mind my system for the most part is totally stock, I have a extra fan blowing out the back, but that is about it. My CPU fan is the stock fan as well.

These are settings I intially tried for my MB/ CPU combo, after it initially did not work I made sure to switch out my ram so all sticks matched instead of 2 matching.

CPU ratio 8.5
FSB 400
PCI 100
FSB strap 333
Dram Freq 901
static auto
read auto
mem OC changer enable
AI clock twist Stronger
AI trans auto
CPU Volt 1.38125
CTL auto
PLL 1.50
FSB term 1.36
DRAM Volt 2.00
NB volt 1.42
SB volt auto
PCIE sata auto
Load line enable
CPU spread disable
pcie spread disable
cpu clock sk normal
nb clock sk normal
cpu margin performance

please excuse abbreviations.

The settings I used were taken from someone who was experiencing similar issues that I am. I admit OC is new to me now, had a bad experience with it several years ago... From what I read I should have been successful with OC with above settings with totally stock setup, please correct if I am wrong.... I am wanting to get this system OC a bit to see if I can perhaps get another year or so out of it before rebuilding.

One thing I have not done on this HD/OS combo which I probably should have checked. I do not have ANY of the MOBO utilities from ASUS CD installed as this HD came out of another comp and when I tried to install it basically said Win 7 not supported from CD. I can try this on my other boot drive which has WinXP 64 bit installed, but figured I would go for some answers or suggestions before heading further down this road of frustration.