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Help choosing a new case

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Hello there,

ok so it's probably time to upgrade my 3 year old rig and would like some help on choosing the proper case.

I currently own (4-5 years now i think) the thermaltake armor. Happy with it, but also got boooooored of it.

Budget: Well, not THAT much of an issue, but the cheaper the better yeah? Can't afford the 250$+ cases though. Maybe up to 200$.
Looks: I like clean, non plastic cases (lian-li, obsidian style) and not the gamer type ones. Color: Black inside out.
Features: well, good cable management, air dust filters, good air flow, that's more than enough.
Size: Full tower. I like large cases.
Cooling in the new rig: 90% i am going for air, but would like the option to wc at some point. besides i plan to keep this case for longer than it's insides.

Ok, so from last week's searching i can say the following:
the corsair 800d is awesome but too expensive, 650d is cool but i think is small.
same for lian-li cases. only two full tower ones have black inside and the v2120 is veeery expensive.
i have looked at other options as well such as xigmatek elysium, aerocool xpredator black, thermaltake chaser mk-1, coolermaster haf-x.
I do like the options they offer (especially the haf-x), but i hate the design.

i have also had a look at the silverstone raven series. raven 3 is looking good, but i do not know anyone who owns it.
fractal design xl looks nice as well, but i am not sure of the overall quality.

any help would be appreciated....maybe i have missed something there, but also would like the opinions of people who either have the same taste as me, or own some of the cases above...
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I'd get a Lian Li, there aren't any cases that can compare to their quality.
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It's a brilliant case but i would like it to be black inside.
Plus i am not sure how the cable management is going to work there compared to 800d or the haf-x.
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Corsair 650D, or new Carbide series Cases. Also the new Fractal line is out. The Define R3 is a good model, and the new Arc Midi and Core 3000 are awesome bang for your buck.

Also some mid-range Silverstone cases are nice that I have seen, as well as the ever-infamous Lian-Li lines. IMO tho, Corsair has stepped up their game and Fractal is awesome bang for your buck, I can't find a reason NOT to get a case from one of them.

my 650D: (btw it isn't that small.. larger than most mid-towers out there.)

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Beautiful .
That's exactly what i was thinking of the 650d if i go for obsidian. Better than the graphite or carbide series and it doesn't seem like it's midi.
My current armor full tower compared to 650d is:
armor: 530 (L) x 220 (W) x 560 (H)
650d: 546 (L) x 229 (W) x 521 (H)
so it's actually larger, but shorter.
From what i've seen it's missing the hot swap.
What about future wc possibilities? can it fit a 360 radiator?
However, i've read that the 800d is mostly made for wc and it doesnt perform as well on air. How are your temps?

As for the fractal, the Arc Midi and 3000 are small, while the R3 is alright but i would definitely select the XL. However, i hate the fact that the front door is plastic. And i hate plastic. I am not sure how good it will look from up close. But yes, they look pretty similar and (at least in pictures) quite beautiful for my taste.

A lian-li with black interior would be fine.
Silverstone ones look a bit too gamer-y for my taste i guess. Lots of space though. Not sure how they look from up close.
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A lian li with a black interior isn't gonna be in your budget
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Well my temps are fine, CPU idles doesn't go above 70c during prime/IBT and I haven't cracked 70c on my GPU yet either. Not bad for summer time.

The 650D is a bit mote geared for air cooling, but I have seem some nice sized rads for WC loops with minimal modding- but I can't give too much info on that since I don't personally run a WC loop. I have seen people mount a rad in the front where the 200mm fan is and move the HDD bay to the middle by the PSU.

Overall it's a wonderful case with many options for average to above average air cooling, and good water-cooling as well.

Eventually I may use a 3x5.25" adapter for a 120mm fan up there, but for now temps are fine.
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+ the fractal XL was in my sights as well. However I didn't like the top fan setup and agreed on the front panel. All of the mid tower fractal cases look really awesome. My brother just built into a R3 and loves it.
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