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I have a Lenovo Ideapad y550p with an i7 720qm, and a 240m. I'd like to play some games on it every now and then, but when I run something like L4D2, or TF2, my temps skyrocket up to >80C, and it automatically drops my speed.

It's a laptop, so I have no hopes in finding a new cooler for it, but I was wondering if there was anything I could do to fix the one I have. It has one heat pipe going over the CPU and GPU, and heading out a little crappy fan on the side. I believe the issue is the heat pipes, as I cannot touch the heat pipes over the cpu after playing, due to heat (This is after it's been off for about 5 minutes due to overheating), but about an inch down the pipe it's almost cool.

That's making me think that the heat pipe is faulty somehow, or something else is up. This raises two questions:
1) Is there anything I can do to help boost it's cooling,
2) Would there by any chance happen to be a 3rd-party cooler for it that performs better?

Also, my BIOS is horribly crippled, so I can't disable speedboost right now, but I've been looking trying to find a way to do that too.