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I have a pair of HD 202's /./
I like the improvements over my HD238 ( open type - full of distortion though) But the closed sound gets overbearing for me ,. somehow the 428's were better in this regard.

I've owned the following:

The PXC 250NC
HD 238
HD 202
HD 428

I'm on a tight budget and I haven't heard the HD 201..
Buying a few of them for a giveaway ..
The HD 201 is 1K here.
HD 202 1.6K
HD 428 3.3K
HD 418 2.9K

What do you recommend ?
Any1 from India recommend anything else in this price range ..
For the rest , we're talking in the 25-40$ range

Let me know about the overbearing nature of the headies if possible..
Things I'd like highlighted :
SOUNDSTAGE ( how wide are they?)
Aesthetics ( not asking for much)
Bass ?
The necessity of an AMP.

Will Carbon -Fiber mod the HD201's If I get them cause of the spare cash

MUST Perform when it comes to the Foo Fighters!
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