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Hey 4LC4PON3, I returned my today as well. After living with it for about a week the drop-off of brightness if I moved from my bed to my desk was too annoying. I don't doubt the word of those who say that they checked the pixels on this unit and can confirm that it has an IPS panel, but I've never heard of an IPS panel dropping in brightness like this the moment you move away from a direct field of vision with the screen. Maybe it's a cheap panel....maybe I got a defective unit, I don't know. For those who are looking for a 32" set, would be using it in a small room and would be watching it from the same angle every time (across from your bed, for example), then this set is a great buy. It just didn't suit my needs.

I'll be moving on from LG as well as I, too, am disappointed with their nonsense. How can the manufacturer have the specs on their own set wrong? They are either grossly incompetent or they are intentionally misleading consumers.

I was at a local electronics store and took note that there isn't much of a price difference between the 32" sets and the 37" sets, so I might shop around for a 37" one and see what deals I can find.

When it comes to stuff like 60hz vs 120hz and all that, it seems that this can get as complicated as buying a car in terms of having to figure out what features are worth it or not and what is the overall best value. So far I'm figuring that Panasonic is a good company to stick with....no b.s. with what the set comes with and the prices are reasonable, but I'll keep others in mind.

On a side note - I spent about an hour putting the LG set back as I received it....taped up the bags to all the parts and had a hard time getting it to fit precisely as it did when I opened it but I finally got there and taped it all up. Head to the returns desk and the guy there has to check to make sure the serial number on the set matches the serial number on the box so he tears the box open and rips everything out....breaking both pieces of styrofoam in the process. Glad I went through so much trouble. At least I got my $ back.
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I took this 32LV3400 in USA from Walmart. I wanted to know if this supports 220Volts power supply?becasue i wanted to use it India.
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Manual says something like this:
power supply: USA,Canada.Mexico:110V
Other country:220V
if it is supporting 110-220V they should have mentioned so. but whta does the above say? tv is not manufactured in USA. so, how to interpret this?
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