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Phenom II: 705e vs. 720BE

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Recently I had the idea to try to take my HTPC and make it into a light gaming machine. I've parted out part of my old sig rig, but I still have the ram and the card. I've done some research, and my HTPC can accept both of these processors despite being a little on the older side.

Currently it has a Sempron, which has difficulty pushing a Netflix movie without stuttering. I would expect both processors to be able to remedy this issue, but I have a few questions regarding them. How hot does a 720BE run? Would it be more beneficial to get the 705e due to the power consumption/heat, because I'll be using a low profile cooler that's only slightly better than a stock cooler. Can the 720BE be overclocked with basic air cooling, and if not, would the extra .3 Ghz make that much of a difference in gaming? How badly would either of these bottleneck a GTS 450, if at all?

Newegg has the 720BE for 59.99 until midnight, then it'll be 74.99 again.
CompUSA has the 705e for 69.99, after sales tax it works out to be 74.89, so relatively the same.

I'd like to overclock but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Any help would be appreciated.
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The BE will run plenty cool and can be OC'd on air without raising any voltages. Also, that older motherboard may not handle a reference clock OC very well, so it is nice to have the unlocked multi to play with as well.
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