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Originally Posted by AliceInChains View Post
Yea, I would have to agree I think you have reached your last resort: a clean install of windows. Sorry broham. Good luck.

EDIT: also about the windows 7 updates, there is one that is specifically known to cause issues. I will come back with the exact update number. It says please download this update to enable future updates. Its really an antipiracy update that can cause serious problems.
Well my problem is fixed. I just don't know what caused it or what the actual problem was.

Will that update even affect legit installs? If so I would like that number. Thanks.

Oh and I gave everyone rep who posted help in this thread. Thanks guys!
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If your copy is legit there is nothing to worry about.

It's KB971033.
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If the restore worked, then it was a corrupt driver or some kind of system file most likely. Probably the file you posted about earlier, the one right before it restarted. You could have probably just recopied that file back to the HDD into the correct folder and overwrote it from another PC or even a Live ubuntu disk on your own computer. Doesn't matter now, but for future reference maybe. I've had to do this several times in the past, always quick and easy fix, just copy new working file and hook it back up as boot drive.

You could have had several files bad though and that was just the first one it had gotten to. In cases like that, it is better to restore or clean install imo. I've had over 300 files corrupted after a power outage and had to go through and re-copy over the bad ones with the new ones for every single file. If that ever happened again, I'd just do a clean install, it would have been faster, heh.
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Originally Posted by thx1138 View Post
Well, even after trying to use 5 different entries in windows "System Restore" (the restore points your pc automatically makes when installing new software and updates) it still didn't resolve the problem. I then remembered that I had set windows backup and restore feature to not only back up the things in my personal folders but to also make a system image. I chose the option to restore from this and it worked. I have my system back and it doesn't look like I lost any files or settings.

This just goes to show that completely random failings of the Windows OS can happen to anyone at anytime even to the most meticulous user who knows how to take care of a computer and it's software. Backup your stuff.

To the socks guy I wish you the best of luck. Are you getting a bluescreen error? Is it the same one I was getting? I still havn't figured out what the problem is/was but I'm pretty curious so I'm going to be doing a bit more research.
nope, no blue screens or anything. just goes to the windows 7 boot logo, but my graphics cards start to spin up really loud and fast and then it just hangs there like that so i have to shut off my psu. i didnt notice there was a new batch of amd video drivers a week ago, installed those tonight. so hopefully that fixed my problem. it was a problem that only happened SOMETIMES. not all the time. so hopefully that was it. fingers crossed. will message you later on if that solved it or not. even did a fresh os install and it was fine for a week then started again. worst case scenario is my mobo or psu. or a graphics card is dying... but youd think i would see more errors than just hanging at startup with the graphics cards spinning up loud
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