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Guys I am about to grab me a Xigmatech elysuim. I have been waiting for an affordable case with this kind of room and features for a long time. My problem is that my server is going in there and it has to stay on 24/7. I like led fans. Not a total rice parade I like a nice clean look, just with some pizazz.

Basically I need suggestions on fans that match in led color and blade/chassis color, support multiple speeds and most importantly, can have their leds turned off independently of the fan's motor.

I know this can be done. I am just a little overwhelmed with all the options and less that detailed specs available. I would love to go with the white led black blade fans already in the case, but I doubt these can have the leds turned off without killing the fan. I should note that this is a liquid cooled system and I am planning to mount a large radiator (12mmx4) off the back and I considering a triple 120mm inside on the top of the case.

One additional reason for the leds needing to have an off switch is that I really like building systems that can go from flashy leds, to subtle black lite effects in the dark. I did this in the past with an antec 1200 and the results we're amazing, its like it had two moods .

Any help is appreciated.