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XAI and what soft mouse pad?

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What is the best soft mosue pad to use this mouse with? I hear the sensor is only good on hard mouse pads, thats why I have the 9HD. But I have this brand new mouse and this mouse bad is eating through the feet on this mouse pad liek crazy, its only a few weeks old and has lost alot of its glide off of the feet. i use to hardly be able to even push it, and it would fly across the mouse pad, now I push it and it hardly moves.
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I would say get some hyperglides and put them on there, then get a nice cloth mousepad. I have a razer goliathus alpha pad, and I love it, it works wonderfully with all mice that I have ever used it.
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a lot of people on here have the puretrak talent including myself. it's the smoothest mouse pad i've ever felt with a nice even glide..... durable too. you can get one for about $25 shipped if you find a discount code. it's big though, 19x14 so make sure you have the space otherwise get the stealth pad... same material, smaller size

oh and i got sick of waiting for my hyperglides (30+ days) so i got the puretrak perfectglide HD's and love them to death. they're very thick and have a very nice glide.... only took 3 days to arrive too

gl with your search!
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