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Originally Posted by xd_1771 View Post
Are you ready for some uber seriousz cost cutting!!!?!?!1?
CPU/board - Biostar GF6150 board with Sempron 130 installed already - $60 shipped for both (NOTE - NO HD 1080p accelerated playback)
Heatsink - $5 Craigslist AMD stock heatsink (I happened to be in San Diego myself lately; needed a HS and was looking at this ad, but couldn't get to it before I left)
RAM - 2x2GB generic Team ELITE memory - $26 shipped (if you're not getting the cheapest possible memory kit if purchasing generic, you lose - spend a cent higher on memory with same performance and it is not worth it, and I will redirect you to a DDR3-1600 kit)
Case/PSU - Pixxo slim mATX red case + PSU - $31 + ~$11 shipping (for builds like these I ALWAYS recommend small form factor)
HDD: Get one of these, or use the old HDD!
NEWCUSTOMER10 code on Newegg (for new accounts) - $10 off
Total cost: Anywhere between $140-$158 depending on which of the above HDDs you choose!

Also, if you happen to be going to Orange County/can make the drive there... Microcenter deal
In case you need/want a new hDD, get the Seagate 500GB HDD - $40 shipped [Amazon] - it's the same price as everything else, and you get more space
I built my grandpa a computer with a Sempron 140 and the performance is pretty bad. Even though some boards can unlock to a dual core if your lucky, it's not worth it. I'd spend another $15-20 and get an Athlon II X2 250/260.
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San Diego Craigslist wouldn't work for me since I will be in San Francisco when I build the computer. I am taking your advice and scanning through Craigslist for good deals though.

EDIT: I might be able to score an ASRock E350 Mobo/CPU + HTPC case for $125 shipped. It seems like a great deal since I've used an E350 laptop before and they perform VERY well.
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Interesting, even I can make do with multitab web browsing and 720p video playback on a 1.7Ghz Pentium M (which should be much slower than that setup)
The earlier Athlon II x2 260 combo for $45 extra may be worth it, but I would say that depends on 1. need for HD playback and 2. need for 2 cores.
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