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Does anyone know of a stable way to overvolt this card? I tried the method suggested in this thread, , which successfully overvolts it, but crashes as soon as I switch into 3D mode. I've tried several BIOSes and they all do the same thing. I've also used RBE to edit my own BIOS but it won't go into the higher clocked modes at all with the voltage changed. It has to be possible since the changed BIOS gave it a higher voltage. Afterburner and Trixx don't allow me to change the voltage at all, although the first time I ran trixx, the voltage control was unlocked and let me change it, but I'm not sure if it worked. For some reason it never let me change the volt setting again after that.

Edit: Reverted to an older version of Trixx, and it let me change the voltage, but the changes didn't appear in GPU-Z and my computer crashed shortly after only boosting the voltage without changing clocks. Did the same thing after I lowered the clocks significantly and tried again.
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