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So i just built my rig and ran into some issues with the mobo and cpu. I resolved the problem but i just want to let everyone know incase the run into the same issue.

Anyways my mobo is an asus P8z68-v cpu is a sandy 2600k gpu evga gtx 580 hydro. When I power on the computer i was recieving a error message cpu fan error. the system is watercooled so i kept trying to disable my cpu fan in the bios. I had every option in bios to disable the fan and I was still getting the error message. Also keep in mind the bios was saying my cpu temp was running idle around 50c which didnt make sense. I was expecting temps around 27-35.. anyways I DL a few cpu temp programs such as core temp they all read my cpu temp at 29c. very wierd. Anyways after a little messing around I checked out the asus site to see if there was an updated bios and boom release 603 on 7-27-11. Simple Resolution I updated the bios and everything was fixed. cpu temp monitor in bios showed the cpu running at 29c just as the core temp monitor. Also as soon as i disabled my cpu fan in the updated bios no more error message. !

I just figured I would post this just incase anyone is experiencing similiar issues. !