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Out of the box the Alienware has poor colors and bad blacklight bleeding, just like every single 120hz monitor. The difference is, when you calibrate the Alienware you can achieve some very decent colors and with the other ones you're still stuck with bad colors.

Read this review (more specifically the part about colors):

Brightness: 30
Contrast: 50
Input Color Format: RGB
Mode Selection: Graphics
Sharpness: 50
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Response time: Overdrive
RGB: Custom
• R: 92
• G: 84
• B: 84
Look at the difference between these on paper (attachements)
That's what I run on my AW2310, and while the calibrated colors on it may technically be better and more accurate than a calibrated XL2410t, that doesn't really mean much when you get pretty noticeable ghosting since the AW2310's response time overdrive is only active while in gaming and multimedia presets. Those two presets look like garbage and, for some reason, auto adjust its brightness/gamma even when dynamic contrast is off.

edit: Also, the bleeding on the AW2310 is still worse after calibration.