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I am also having a problem with sending a 6900 Wu, also running linux, langouste disabled atm, due to scripting problems.


------>[14:03:06] + Attempting to send results [August 3 14:03:06 UTC]<------
[14:12:29] + Results successfully sent
[14:12:29] Thank you for your contribution to Folding@Home.
[14:12:29] + Number of Units Completed: 4 
I get this line only, and the network monitor says that it is sending shed-loads of data, at my slow rate of 50KiB/s, but eventually it sends around 100mb and then the network shows not activity and it never receives a "results successfully sent"

I tried using Langouste to send it the first time, which didnt work out, could that be the problem?



Made a thread here
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