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p8z68-pro sound issue ?!

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hey everyone !

got 2 problems with my new build.

problem A

When i plug my speaker directly in my motherboard realtek manager popup ( which is normal ) but it keep doing so even if i close it again and again.
I know i can disable the feature but i am wondering if it wouldn't be related to

problem B

the sound seems to skip (like if it was being muted) like half a second from time to time ( id say once every 15-30 mins ).

anyone experienced that ?!

I have downloaded the latest sound drivers ( 2 times) and looked up the net to find people who had the same problem without much success ..

here's my setup

ASUS p8z68-v pro
i5-2500k 3.3ghz
cooler master 212 plus
gskill ripjaws 8gb (2x4gb) pc312800
corsair tx750v2 psu
EVGA gtx560 sc
hitachi 1.5tb hd
asus dvd burner 24x
cooler master haf x case
windows 7 64 bit sp1 home premium
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there's gotta be someone who's got the same problem?! anyone ?
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