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Group Policy

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Hi all,

I think I may have the wrong idea here but here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

I have a laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate x86 basically as a server. I remote desktop to this laptop (which is in my house) from various locations around the state. My account is the default Administrator account. There are two other user RDP user accounts on the computer as well. One of them is my dad, MFF. The other is my friend, NGF.

This is where things get fuzzy: Both MFF and NGF are Standard Users. I added them to the RDP group as well so they can be connected to from other locations.

MFF also connects locally and uses a flash device, so he needs to be able to use Computer, Documents, etc. but should not be able to install drivers or modify control panel settings.

NGF is STRICTLY RDP and ONLY should be able to access desktop. I want this user to be able to access NOTHING but the desktop and ONLY shortcuts that I place there for him to open.

I am new to Group Policy and I'm not sure if this is even within the realm of it's capabilities. Since it's a single computer, it's not part of a domain. I attempted to create a group for NGF called Solitary (from solitary confinement) to remind me he is confined to using the desktop only. I have no idea how to edit this.

At work, I used gpedit.msc to make sure ALL users (and apparently including administrators) couldn't use the Run command or the task bar, etc. I don't want that to happen to all users. I want the Administrator account to remain the same, MFF to access only what he needs to, and NGF to be able to access nothing but the desktop.

Is this possible?
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