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I've got an HTC Desire running Oxygen 2.2 ROM (Stock Gingerbread).

I'm looking for an easy to use program on my Windows PC to keep all my music managed and synced with my device.

I'd be happy with doubleTwist but it's being a little buggy for me and isn't pushing ID3 tags properly so the music apps on my phone are somewhat messy due to the music not being categorised.

What's the best way to keep music synced with my Android phone that gives me an easy method of editing ID3 tags and pushing them to the device correctly rolleyes.gif

Something similar to iTunes that isn't actually iTunes please.

I find iTunes actually slows down my PC... conspiracy theory in 3... 2... 1...

Thanks guys.

why not just drag and drop?
use mp3tag to edit the id3 tags before you transfer to your phone.....well at least thats what I do....but I just stick to double twist to sync and mp3 tag to edit my music