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This being my first case mod and all I need to say that It will probably not be super awsome looking and or work well but its my first try so try not to judge too hard on it.

Some background info about case/parts:
* the case I am modding is the Winsis wt-02 a really crappy cheap ITX case
* I will put my main in this case so specs are in my sig
* I do not have plans to install a dvd drive or other such thing as it's cramped already
*I also don't need to put any front usb/audio all I need are the power swich and reset button (more later)

The goal of this mod is to make my small wt-02 look like the much larger Corsair 700D. I would have said 800D but im not adding a window for ventilation purposes + if i did it would look wrong.

And now on with the mod

I start with the case like this it does have all the parts don't worry
The first thing I did was to remove all of the rivets and bolts that held the case together, I also removed the crappy 60mm fan
Then I started to work on the mb tray part by cutting off unnessesary parts
By cutting out this stuff I made way for
It fits pretty well, I guess
Not as well with the PSU however
Added hole for wiring to PSU cover thing (looks better with tape off)
Also added hole to secure it to case (rivets)

Thats it for the weekend however I did sand the metal in prep for paint (flat black) tell me if you think i sanded enough if not i'll sand some more.

Any constructive feedback is welcome!
thanks in advance
PS tell me if you want to see my dog