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2005 throwback / college PC update. Lian Li v1200

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I had always wanted a Lian Li V1000 / V1200 ever since I built my first PC back in 2005, but they were always prohibitively expensive. However, due to being in college now and somewhat financially independent, and being able to purchase a nice V1200 from a user here - 3XPeriment - while on vacation, I now have one!

This is the current final product: What is below that is a documentation of the process from the beginning.

note: Nothing on the outside looks special- yet.

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Day 1:

Start of the project:

This will be my college PC, so being quieter would be nice, and also being capable of transport. Plus anything else a college student would like. (I am a junior, I know what I need by now) The lightness of the case is going to be really nice for moving and when I move the PC to the lounge!

This is a case transfer with no new parts, but I will take a few photos of the process, and I also have some interesting ideas for use at college that this thread will hopefully motivate me to actually do! No mods, but useful. It might involve working with the material of wood.

Day 1: I finally returned home from Colorado, with this case in my car. Of course, I wanted to rip my rig out of the old case and throw it in the lian li. So I did. Please forgive todays photo.

However, I have a few items on order from xoxide.com, not the least important are some cable management assisting items. So please forgive the mess. It is temporary. Also, you can see I have four open slots on the front with no covers. Those will be filled.

After all this I decided to look again, and I realized I needed to remove some items. The CPU fan duct was not doing anything useful and barely fit with my hyper 212+. Plus it vibrated on the cooler and was loud. So that, and the grill it attached to, were pulled.

After that I looked at other fan grills. The black mesh on the back was causing too much noise, and the side fan had an internal wire grill. So I pulled the black mesh (it was glued. I ended up using lighter fluid to soften up and remove the glue residue, which worked fine) and replaced it with the internal wire grill. It doesn't look as classy, but I think that the silver color firts the overall color scheme better than the black did.
Also in this process, I removed 8 nice lian li fan screws. I think I will be putting up everything that I remove from this build up for sale here on OCN. So far it is the black mesh grill, the cpu fan duct/grill, 8 fan screws (nice ones!) and 3 silver drive bay covers and one black one- all 4 lian li aluminum. (The black cover was because a silver one apparently went missing at some point in the past)

Photos of the back with the wire grill will show up eventually, as well as the clean inside.


Day 2:

What's this? A package?!

Yes! What is inside?

Yes, that is a xigmatech plastic card reader rather than an aluminum lian li one. I could not justify spending the additional $30. But I think with the slight indent it looks fine! The 5.25" to 3.5" adapter is of course brushed aluminum lian li. The hard drive cage is self explanatory. Extra airflow, it looks good, and I needed a place for my one remaining IDE drive.
The pci bracket thing is just for convinience. I often like to test fans, and this will make it easy to do so outside the case. And it was only $5 and I liked it.

Here is everything in the case. I am not happy with the cables, but IO do not know how to hide them better and still be able to easily close the sides of the case. They are out of the way of airflow and hugging the side of the case though, as you can see in the angled shot. Any suggestions?

The other benefit of this case is that there is no window, so it doesnt have to look good inside. (Though I would like it to)


Day 3:

Some liberal application of zip ties and twist ties, and I improved the cable managment- a bit. It no longer has cables inside the unused hard drive bay, and the power supply now has more room to breathe. (I had cables underneath it earlier. A non modular power supply makes things interesting) Also I improved the rest, but it is only slightly better. Again, suggestions are wonderful.

Some cable management products, and my favorite. Cheap green twist ties. (I have a huge roll of the stuff)) - Also, I mounted these two hard drives upside down for better cable management.

The case in the dark (I may disable the red LED on the card reader..) And in the light. Notice how I cannot hide any cables in the front- they would be very very visible.

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(work) Day 4:

The PC being in our dorm room caused some interesting issues. The first was that the LED's on this case are rather bright. The solution was simple, put a resistor in line with the LED. We did this with a (X K Ohm) resistor for the hard drive LED.

The interesting part of this section of the mod was a spur of the moment idea: my roommate had a spare photo-resistor, that increased in resistance the darker it got. Putting this in line with the power LED had the effect of having full brightness when the window was open during the day and having it completely off at night. This isn't quite the effect I was looking for, as having the light slightly on even at night would be ideal. Therefore I am looking into different models of photo-resistor and will run it in parallel with a 2+ K Ohm resistor so it is never completely off.
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Day 5: Time for the interesting part! An internal LCD, on a budget. Of $12.

The TI lauchpad is a good controller board, if you are willing to spend time setting it up.

The LCD itself is a 16x2 character LCD bought off of ebay for about $5 shipped with blue backlighting, similar to this one.

The TI Lauchpad: $4.30. It will be used to control the LCD and the controller. The microcontroller that comes with it is a bit limited, so it was replaced with a (XXXX) that uses all the pins on the launchpad.

To be continued!
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One thing that I do with this desktop is I carry it into the lounge in my dorm, down the hall for when we want to LAN. My laptop is far too slow for gaming. The wheels will make this much easier, so why not go all the way and deck it out for this?

The lounge I use does not have wired internet connections though, and having internet would be nice and make things easy. The wireless is great there, 802.11 b/g/n. I do not have a PCI or USB wireless card, but what I do have is the famed Lynksys WRT54G router. What I want to do is to set it up with custom firmware, and see what I can do to use it as a wireless bridge. If it works, I will not have to buy anything, and it is a high quality router so speeds, though limited to wireless G, will be good. I can also have my roomate make me a 1.5 foot ethernet cable.

I will probably use this script:

(Reserved for when I get firmware installed and working.)
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Lastly, here are the lian li leftovers- the only ones I will have. Is anyone interested in any of them?
3x silver lian li bay covers
1x black lian li bay cover
8x nice fan screws
1x cpu duct and grill 120mm
1x 120mm mesh grill
1x psu air director (I have all fans at the back as exhaust, so using it makes no sense)
3x uber shiny PCI slot covers.

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