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Geforce 6150SE nforce 430, Overclockable?

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Alright, so here's the deal... I know nothing about Hardware, but I have heard the term "Overclock" thrown around quite a bit when it comes to Graphics Cards, Processors, Memory, Etc. I also know that to "Overclock" is to push the specified piece of hardware beyond it's default settings via hertz, memory, etc.

The question for you (OverClock.net) is... Is my NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 Integrated Graphics Card possible? I am aware that it is integrated into the Motherboard and I am also aware that it is possible, because I have seen a few topics/threads floating around the internet on the subject of the matter itself.

If it is "Overclockable", how would I come across doing this? Is there specific software? Do I have to go into BIOS (which is a very weak spot on my end)?

I am also aware that whomever may read this topic/thread with the intention of answering my question, may also ask various questions, including what type of hardware do I have that accompany the Graphics Card, Power Supply, etc. Which is where I have come prepared. My P.C. is a stock P.C. supplied by Compaq/HP. I have the link to the motherboard specifications and what is connected specifically for my model... I will provide a link to it below.


I am also aware that it does not list the current power supply, with that I will provide the Model below...
MODEL: ATX-250-12Z-REV .:)7R

I hope that we can figure out the question that I have so presented you with,
I am sorry that I have not listed my system in my Profile, to be honest, I do not know how to fill it out lol.
Thank you very much for whomever helps, whomever reads the topic/thread, and OverClock.net for providing me such a specific place to ask my question(s).
I hope to hear from someone soon,

Aaron Brewer (aaron[at]noxinnovations.com)
Thank You!
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if it is a stock PC from a brand, then you have about a .0001% chance that it will let you overclock anything on it.
You might want to look into adding a dedicated video to your system if at all possible.
To find out if you can add one, you will have one of these slots on the motherboard.
It would be the black slot. If you have one like that, then you can add a video card as long as your PSU is up to the job.

To help us you could take a picture of the sticker that is on your PSU.
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I know for a fact that I have a 250W PSU, and I am also aware that a 250W will not really power anything, so I know that I am looking forward to another couple hundred dollars on a Power Supply, I am also aware that I have a PCI Express x16 Bus-Slot.

Any more information would also be helpful,
Thanks man,
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