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Hello, I need Your opinion on buying study/gaming pc. I am visiting America (San Francisco) in 2 weeks and I am planning to buy a new laptop, so my choice was an Asus G74 Best Buy version, but after some studies in the internet I found that the GPU ir nerfed and that is why they are selling it so cheap, so I started to look for other options (craigslist ). I need your opinion on the new this years M14X 14.0 with Intel Core i7 2630QM CPU, GT 555M & Intel HD Graphics 3000 and an M17x R2 with Intel Core i7-20QM Processor , ATI Radeon 5870 Graphics Card. Witch of these would You prefare and why so ? vs . As I understood all alienware laptop models have an integrated GPU for power saving, and an main GPU for gaming, is that right ?