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I was wondering if it would work too at first and I got a reply from a website manager who has a server with many ram dimm and he tried different amount of ram and they would all get in dual channel.

He did try in his own computer just to make sure and it did work in dual channel.

It would be nice to know if it really works, if someone could provide some stats or try it it could tell us what is right.
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According to Intel and Kingston spec sheets released in 2003 with the introduction of dual channel DDR with the Pentium 4 platform, dual channel is supposed to work if:
- DIMMs of the same size in same channel (or same coloured RAM slots). They also spec that they have the same speed, but that doesn't matter; RAM always reverts to the speed of the lowest kit automatically, or whatever you set them to provided they are stable.
- If you paired a 512MB DIMM on one channel with 2 256MB DIMMs on the other channel, this will run symmetrical dual channel as there is the same amount of memory on both channels. However, the performance is still reduced vs. a true dual channel setup, although is better than single channel.
- There are 3 DIMMs of the same size; when two of the DIMMs are used only (i.e. below 4GB out of 3x2GB), those two DIMMs will run dual channel provided in the correct slot. If more RAM is required to be addressed, the entire setup will have to revert to single channel. This is called "Flex memroy" or "Interleaving". This was a later spec introduced with LGA775.
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