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2-pin PS to 2/3-pin Fan

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I have an Antec PS with a "Fan Only" power lead, the wires are Yellow and Black, presumably black is ground. On the end of the lead is a female 4-pin Molex connector, the yellow is on the far left (if the connector is in its "frowny-face" orientation), and the ground is one in, leaving the right two spaces blank.

On the fan side there are both the male 4-pin Molex-type connector, as well as the female 3-pin which plugs in to the mobo header. The fan has a red, black and yellow wire coming out of it, terminating into the 3-pin connector, the red and black wires continue on into the Molex connector in serial. There are also two blank spaces to the right in the male 4-pin. When PS and fan Molex connectors plug together, the black wire lines up with black, red lines up with yellow.

When I plug just the Molex connectors together, the fan's LED lights weakly and the fan barely spins. If I plug the 3-pin in to the mobo, LED is bright and fan spins merrily along (same if I plug both 4-pin and 3-pin in simultaneously). My question is can I get the 2-pin to 2-pin configuration working somehow? I would gladly sacrifice the LED, or RPM monitoring.

Let me know if some pics would help. The fan is a Citynet International, model CFBL-80-ST, bought at Fry's (http://www.frys.com/product/6173879).

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Plug the fan into the PSU 4-pin molex, and gently jiggle the wires a bit... if the fan spins any faster the connection is shoddy wiring, my guess would by the fan end.
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