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help!! with WAG120N - Page 2

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I followed the guide exactly how its shown, I tried reseting it also, now it the connection keeps disconnecting.
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That's really weird man.
Try calling the Linksys and asking them what the problem is.
Isn't that one a modem as well as a router?
you also have to call your ISP.
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Still doesn't work, I followed the exact guide, it keeps disconnecting as well.
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Ok another thought just crossed my mind.
are you using an integrated NIC or a PCI nic?
you may have one or the other disabled.

go into your internet connections, disable the connection that runs to the ethernet jack, unplug router and modem from power source, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in, wait 15 seconds, then re-enable the connection on your PC.

another thing
do you have any sort of WiFi receiver in your PC?
if so, disable it in the device manager while you try to set this stuff up.
sometimes it will ignore the hard-wired connection if you have wireless and are having problems with the hard-wired connection
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