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Hello, I'm totally newbie to overlocking and I have weird problem with i5-650. Every time I try to oc it, after dual restart bios shows information that there was a failure detected due to overlocking or voltage change and starts with default freqs.

My configuration:

intel i5-650
Gigabyte P55-US3L
4GB RAM 1333Mhz CL9
Antec 700w

My steps:
MB Inteligent Tweaker M.I.T -> Advanced Freq Settings
CPU Clock Ratio - Tried 20 while BCLK 180 and 24 with BCLK 143, 166, 167
QPI Clock Ratio - Tried different so QPI Speed was 2,6; over 3; over 4; over 5; over 6 GHz
Base Clock Enabled
BCLK as I mentioned before
System memory - Set so it was closes to 1333 depending on BLCK
PCI Express Freq - 100

Then I go to Advanced CPU Core Features and switch Intel Turbo to Disabled

Next to Advanced Voltage and:
CPU vcore - Treid 1,2; 1,25; 1,5; 1,275; 1,3
QPI - lower then CPU Vcore
DRAM - Tried 1,64 and 1,66

I was told that it might be caused by too low CPU voltage, so I changed it to 1,3 while 3,6GHz on CPU (180x20) and still nothing.

Anyone has any idea?