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Hi all,

I'm currently making a lottery program in
It reads an array of lottery numbers (5 main numbers, 1 supplementary) from an access db, and is supposed to compare customer numbers from a different table in the database (each set of customer numbers is 5 numbers, each with a unique gameID) to the lottery numbers. It checks for the number of matching numbers and assigns a division and then a prize to each game ID in the 'games' table, or at least it's supposed to. My program is not updating the records in the access database properly, it can store the information in the dataset, but the data adapter fails to change the database values. Specifically, on the last line of my code "da2.Update(ds2, "lotto")" it gives me the error "InvalidOperationException was unhandled". I have no idea what this means or how to fix it. Anyone got any suggestions (if you need any clarification just ask, it's long and confusing code).