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Laptop for last year A levels-->uni.

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What is your maximum budget?
What country are you in?
What will be the uses of this laptop?

Do you have brand loyalty or care which brands we select for you?

What screen size do you require?
What screen resolution do you require?
1366 x 768+
Are you looking to buy NEW or would refurbished/recertified/used be okay?
How long should the battery last? (Under optimal conditions, no movies/games/heavy internet)
3.5+ hours general usage.
What games would you like to play with your laptop? And on what settings?
SilkroadOnline mostly, nothing high specced. As long as it can run a couple of Silkroads' on max, should be fine.
What operating system do you need? (if any)
Windows 7

Is there a certain style of laptop you want? (aluminum, black, gaming, etc.)
Not really.
How much hard drive space do you need?
Do you need any special hardware? (blue ray, webcam, specialty ports, etc.)
Is there anything else we need to know?
I've looked at several toshibas from Argos. My girlfriend has one similarly specced and it seems alright. I'm just not sure about which to go for out of the few very similar models. Or whether the graphics are actually any good, as I have no idea about laptop graphics cards.

Here's some of the Toshibas:







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Anyone help?
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You should check Dell Outlet. I had around a £420 budget and got a really nice refurb laptop.

For £400, I got a Dell XPS L501X (15") with:

Intel Core i3 2.4ghz
3GB DDR3 (I upgraded it to 4GB)

It is a really well built laptop given it's from the XPS range. Looks great, performs well in games thanks to the dedicated card (it's not the best, but, it handles most games). The sound from it is awesome as well, it has upgraded speakers and sub. Well worth a look at!
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I don't really like the idea of a refurbed laptop =/
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Neither did I, but I took a risk. It literally seemed brand new. The chassis was in perfect condition, protective stuff in place etc... I think it just means the bits inside aren't brand new. If anything, that is good as it means the parts are proven to be functional.

Looking through all the laptops above, each of them have good and bad points, but the Dell XPS L501X has all round great value. It's up to you though.
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Refurb means that it could either be returned and brought up to new laptop quality but is generally just order cancellations. So it will very likely be just a brand new laptop someone decided they didn't want!
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I think what it means is new chassis, but with parts taken from replacement laptops. You can actually get a used one for £20 less but it says it may have scratches or used quality. I paid the £20 more and got refurb.
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Well, i don't have a clue about what i'd be looking for with a budget of 400>450 =/ Fancy having a quick look for me?
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