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Regarding the V8:-
It will certainly cool your Phenom II X4 955 BE without problem at all. It has the capacity to do so. And it has great looks, at least to me personally and this is subjective, of course.

However, its weakness is its relatively high cost. This makes its performance-to-cost ratio rather low when compared to other heatsinks in the same category. For the same price, you will get higher capacity heatsinks. Or, for similar performance you can get cheaper alternatives. So, if it is not for its look, I suggest you look for other alternatives. But then again, I must reiterate that its cooling capacity can certainly accommodate your CPU with no problem.

It will fit your motherboard, Gigabyte GA-870A-USB3. Pic 1 shows its footprint (orange rectangle) on the motherboard. You can see that it overhshadows the two leftmost RAM slots (ie slots 1 and 2). However, there is clearance under the heatpipes and fins. Pic 2 shows how two RAMs (blue rectangles) sit underneath.

From the scaled drawings and dimensions taken from spec, I estimate that the clearance is 48.4mm for the leftmost RAM (ie slot 1). However, I would use a conservative figure of 45mm, to account for margin of error of my calculation.

I think, your G.Skill Ripjaws is 42mm tall and so I think they will fit in slots 2 and 4 for dual channel action. But you can easily measure and confirm the height.

V8 currently costs US$46 and so I use this as your budget of your new heatsink. As mentioned above, perhaps the Cooler Master V6GT is your best option. It costs $49 (after MIR) in Newegg now. It has a top LED strip offering red, blue or purple and you can just select blue easily.

Pic 3 shows its dimensions. It is 120mm wide (ie 5mm narrower than the V8) and therefore it might just clear the 2nd RAM slot.
(Pic 4 shows the conflict on a GA-H55M-UD2H whose CPU socket seems to be just a few mm closer to the slots than your GA-870A-USB3. In other words, your motherboard should have more horizontal distance/clearance, additional to the 5mm gain (2.5mm per side) mentioned above. So, I think it might fit but it will be another close fit.)

Corsair A70 is another alternative. But it does not have any blue LED. Its US$35 makes it a top cost-to-performance cooler but it is like V6GT that its push fan will make the slot 2 a tight fit.
(The last course of action for this kind of tight fit is to use a filing tool or sandpaper to file away a little bit off of the fan frame.)

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