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Originally Posted by Rognin;14591306 
What are you sandblasting and why?

Painting only the side panel?

Give it time, that was a long read... =P

I'm *planning* to paint the interior of my K58 black eventually, As well as etch the sponsors logos on the window of the new case. The side-panel shown is from an old, POS case. Was the closest, non-useful piece of plexi-glass I had.
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Bought some paint and other supplies to finally let the modding start!

Rust-Oleum Grayish Self-etching Primer
Rust-Oleum Black Sandable Primer
Rust-Oleum Black Semi-gloss Protective Enamel

Sandpaper: Grits from 80 up to 2000. All wet-dry sandpaper. I got most of this in a multi-pack at Harbor Freight however, got the 2000 grit and a few other higher grit at Wal-Mart. (Not ideal, I know but, it's close. NOT the cheapest though)

Still to buy:
Pistol Grip for the paint.

I'm going to give credit where credit is due. Resources for this project:
MNPC Tech. Guide to paint a case to a mirror finish. (I'm NOT planning to paint it to a mirror finish)
Also referring to noahmateen1234 guide.

I'm starting out with 2 cans of each paint and am planning on painting the right, solid side-panel first to ensure it will look good when the rest of the chassis is painted.

I'm plannign to start within the next 2 weeks but I need to be home to do this project (obviously). They would probably frown on me painting a chassis in a Dorm room . Gotta love university!

Because I'm using the gray self-etching primer, I plan on 4-5 coats of black primer and only 2 of the etching primer. Hopefully that won't bite me in the bum.

Also, I intend to sandblast the case with fine silica sand to rough up the metal first. (And avoid extra time hand sanding)
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Parts of her have been painted now. Here's a few shots of the painted parts:

From her on, I am going to attempt and follow the format of the best worklogs I've seen. Very little Text. Captions on the Photos. A few photos a post. 1 or 2 sentence commentary. Hope it makes it a bit more...fun!

The HDD Cage and Trays Hanging around drying:

The HDD Cage, 1 coat paint:

Weapon of choice:

Left Side Panel (window side):

Check out my flickr photostream for more photos if you're interested.
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Note: This build is going to be delayed until further notice. I have undertaken several new projects and one, primarily, is taking the place of this build. I just ordered MDPC-X sleeve and plan to sleeve this build when I've got time but that may be a while.

I am currently launching a business that is taking the majority of my time. I will keep you all updated when I get the store on-line and start shipping. Currently the business is a services only business and I am looking to branch out and hopefully start an eCommerce front selling some gear. Out of respect for competing companies and offerings, I won't give further detail to the primary product I intend to launch with but, I'm hoping to make a lot of you happy customers!

Now, the fun: I'm currently in the process of building an Enterprise class server on-the-cheap. Due to a very limited budget, the parts I'm getting are slightly aged but more, not built to inherently work together. I just bought a 1U Server chassis designed for one specific motherboard model. I ordered a motherboard that is an E-ATX board and designed for a 2U or larger case. You do the match Due to this fact, all my modding time is going to the server and building it on the cheap. Yikes!! It should be a labor of love though, I'll try and make some minor notes about it here but, I've been building servers for a while so not a whole lot really gets me wanting to share the work.
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