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From the quality of the building textures and models comparred to the ground and environment, that leads me to believe that the game is either running at lower settigns or they just have a baseline design for some levels. Wihtout the extra eyecandy yet.
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I hope the final game be a bit better than that.... Looks really bad if I'm honest. If that's what it's going to be then I'm just going to stick to the HD remakes of the old ones.
See Above
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Cod+anything = crap you know.
Also, nice scam video.
I'll wait for Serious Sam 3 videos, not Serious Crap of Duty 3 videos.

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LOL, guys, I really hope you don't think this is how this game is going to look maxed out. Obviously that guy is running it on lower settings. You can expect for the game to look something more like this maxed out:

Got that screen shot from

And in the case that I may so happen to be wrong (seriously doubt it) then that totally sucks monkey nuts, and I will be enraged.
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Just a remake of a remake after remake... even worse this time compared to COD

The HD Remakes were jsut that, a HD remake of the origninals they never claimed it to be a new game, just look better. SS3:BFE is a new game in the series and SS2 was just a sort of flop, but it did have its moments of jsut kickass fighting, just like the original.