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I am looking at a partial new build, upgrading mother board with a i7 2600K. I would like to get an aftermarket cooler and am looking at the Cool Master Hyper 212 or the Xigmatek Gaia SD 1283. My main question is if I will have the room in my Hipper Osiris case. Preliminary measurements show that it is ~164 mm from the top of the motherboard I have in now and the inside face of the case side. Other Tom Hardware articles give the Top Height of these two coolers at 160 mm and 159 mm respectively. From one of the articles it states “Top height in the chart above refers to the amount of mounting space needed to install the cooler in a case.†This has me confused as the Xigmatek document gives the height from the Base of the cooler to the top of the pipes as 159mm, and then suggest a clearance between the top of the pipes and the case top of 12.56 mm. As far as I can tell, the xigmatek document does not include the height of the CPU above the mother board.

So I am wondering if either one of these will fit in the case that I have, if not what other coolers might work. I do plan on overclocking teh 2600K

Also does anyone know how high the cpu sits above the motherboard?