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I don't think there is an option relating to blocking EMI. I will have a look next time I restart the system.

I don't live near a military base The wiring in my house is kind of old though (house is something like 130+ years old) but my dad is certified in dealing with electricity and he said that the wiring in the house would not cause the problem.

I also cant move it to a friends house since I don't have a car and my friends house is about 20 min walk away.
ouch. i'm not entirely sure exactly what the EMI thing does but all motherboards were required to have them built in awhile back. It's supposed to keep the PC from interfering with eletronics near it.

hmmm....yea i'm stumped man.
best thing i can say is find a way to start it up somewhere other than your house and just see. it could be happen from some radio frequency traveling through your area or something. any kind of airport could cause it too.