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Wall Mounting 3 Angled LCDs

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I have 3 LED backlit thin LCDs that I'd like to mount on my wall. I want the outer two to be angled so that they "wrap around" the user. What is the best and most cost effective way to go about this?

Hitting studs with three individual mounting brackets seems unlikely. I have thought about using a 2x4 as a back plate and mounting to that, but that seems ugly and would push the thin screens further away from the wall. I could use toggle bolts in my drywall, but then I would end up with larger holes if I ever wanted to move or replace them. Is there a triple-monitor mounting bracket or thin back plate that would work best? Any other ideas? Thanks!
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about a year or two ago i mounted two flatscreens with swing arms
all i did was take a peice of sheet metal (it was pretty thick, i don't remember how thick, but pretty damn thick) bolted it to the studs.
then i reinforced the middle with two cross bars and used those to mount the swing arms.

all you have to do at this point is find 2 bars and 2 hindges for each monitor(they have to be decent size hindges to hold the weight)...
bolt a hindge for each one to the backplate,
bolt a metal pipe onto the hindge so that it swings freely.
bolt the other hindges to the ends of each pipe
then the last pipes to those hindges.

the result is a 2 jointed swing-arm for each monitor. doing it this way, you will be able to move them where ever you want them to be, PLUS you can put them flat up against the wall since the joints fold in to each other.

now you can just find a way to mount the pipe to the monitor and your good to go.

hollow rectangular steel or aluminum works...aluminum is freaking expensive but the steel is heavy. you will need a bit more reinforcement for the steel.

If you want more range of motion for them then just add another hindge with a pipe.
also if you want the monitors to fold directly backwards to the wall then use cut the second pipe (the one connected to the monitor) about half the length of the one connected to the wall.
this allows the big pipe to flatten to the wall behind the monitor evenly and also hides it from view.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions. Maybe i will try to find some pictures.

EDIT: oh and as for looks, i painted mine black and made some cool designs with some blue paint on the back plate (it matched my PC). You can make it look very nice for like no $$$
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