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New mobo question

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I currently have an asus m4a77d mobo, with one pcie x16 slot for my 1 gtx 460 1g. Im looking to upgrade to this mobo, because its affordable and ill probably stick a new psu and another gtx 460 in there at christmas time.


This board has 2 pcie slots, but there 2 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (single @ x8; dual @ x8/x8 mode)
what does this mean exacly? Will this make any difference in performance, and is it worth it for the price?
Thanks in advance
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Personally I'd spend the extra for an AM3+ board with USB/SATA 3, such as this Gigabyte. 990FX/X boards like that one should support SLI, and 8/8x PCIe won't noticeably affect performance.
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I'm definitely vouching for the 990XA. I just bought one and installed one and it's running great so far! (I also manage the 990XA owners club, check it out in AMD motherboards)

If you decided around one week ago you could've gotten this motherboard for $120 with $20 rebate so just $100 at NCIX, missed it Not that $140/$130 AR is a bad price either.

Newegg.ca charges a lot for shipping... best purchase from a Canadian retailer such as NCIX (Vancouver, Toronto), MemoryExpress (Vancouver, Calgary/Edmonton, Winnipeg), or CanadaComputers (southern Ontario) - they sell locally to the locations in brackets as well as online through shipping which is cheaper as it is within-Canada.
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