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Hey there guys - I will be the first to admit that im a bit of a noob with this and I was just wondering if you could give me some advice on what bios settings you would go with for this setup.

I have a D5400XS skulltrail mb with 1 stick of 4gbs fully buffered fbdimms ddr2 800mhz ram and 1 Xeon quad core 3 ghz.

Now i was running CPU-Z to check its read out for the CPU and RAM for what current speeds its running at.

Here is a link to an image screencaptured of its mobo,ram,cpu findings.

In my bios settings (under performance for this MB) these are my settings.

Branch Mode (Interleave)
Snoop Filter (On)
Performance Memory Profile (1:1 (667) or 5:4 (533)
tCL (5)
tRCD (5)
tRP (5)
tRASmin (18)
DDR2 Voltage (1.8v)
AMB Voltage (1.5)

CPU Voltage (default) but it goes from 1.6 - 1.2875
Voltage Offset (disabled)
Voltage Enhanced Powerslope (disabled)

Processor Multiplier Overide (Automatic) instead of Manual
Host Clock Frequency Override (Automatic) instead of Manual

Front Side Bus (1.2)
MCH Voltage (1.25)

Processer Multiplier (9)
Half Ratio (disabled) - the computer refuses to boot if i enable this)
Host Clock Frequency (333)

(As i understand CPU-Z) is reporting the multiplier as 6 (because the computer decides to up to 9 when it wants to work harder haha.) Fair enough but otherwise the advice im really looking for is what settings i should tweak to boost the performance of the CPU and memory and if/whether there are settings there that are just plain wrong or inconsistent.

Appreciate any tips chaps.