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Out of boredom at 3AM, here is an example of what you could do with $800:
Phenom II x4 925 + Patriot 2x4GB DDR3-1866 memory - $134 shipped both [Newegg]
ASRock 970 Extreme4 - $105 + shipping
Sunbeam Twister dual fan CPU cooler with TX-4 thermal paste - $22 + shipping
Galaxy GTX 560 Ti dual fan - $230 (+ shipping), $40 no wait rebate (returns in 9 days for $2 deducted from check) [TigerDirect]
NZXT Source 210 (

or ) - $40 shipped [Amazon]
Rosewill Green RG630 power supply - $65 shipped (this is a quality ATNG-built unit and is the best price-performance ~600-650W choice right now) [Newegg]
Samsung F3 1TB - $55 shipped [Superbiiz]
Mushkin Chronos 60GB solid state drive - $112.50 shipped [Amazon]
Sony 24X DVD burner - $20 shipped [Newegg]
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 - $85 shipped [See link]
Micro Innovations keyboard - $4 + shipping
Orange mouse - $5.50 + shipping
Superbiiz $5 off promo code GOFISH - $5 off
MEMKNURAUG11 Newegg promo - $20 off
NEWCUSTOMER10 Newegg promo - $10 off
Newegg shipping cost - est. $15
TigerDirect shipping cost - $7

Total cost of the Cyberpower PC after shipping: $830 + $20 shipping = $850 shipped
Total intial cost of this PC: $865 shipped
Total cost of this PC after 9 days: $827 shipped

Which means for exactly $23 less, you get the additional benefit of:
  • GTX 560 Ti (significantly more powerful than a 6770 - so significantly, it's not even funny)
  • Aftermarket cooler for cooler running CPU and better overclockability
  • Performance DDR3-1866 over 1333
  • Actually overclocks - prebuilt PCs are usually known to not overclock. That PC seems to use an M4A87TD EVO so that might be an exception,
  • AM3+ socket and 990X chipset for full BD compatibility
  • Expandable to SLI/CrossfireX at 8x-8x PCI-E (don't even think the CyberPower PC allows this)
  • Much more reliable PSU with expandability (the PSUs in these PCs are mediocre)
  • One of the fastest 60GB solid state drive on the market, which is not even there with the Cyberpower PC
  • Everything included (Windows, keyboard and mouse)
  • Heck, even the mouse and keyboard are better (google up on why PS/2 keyboards are better than USB; PS/2 has better features incl. ability to press more keys at once)
  • Your very own Windows 7 disk, and your very own OS and programs installation options. No trialware included.
  • You've got sufficient room in the budget to add a sound card (ASUS Xonar DG perhaps, if you have good headphones?) for better audio quality.
  • Although the warranty of these parts is individual vs. whole PC, you are actually getting a much longer warranty overall. The Cyberpower PC has 1 year warranty. Many of the parts I have listed come with 2 year, 3 year, even 5 year warranties.
  • Trying to upgrade your Cyberpower PC with different parts will likely VOID the warranty unless you keep the original parts (which hinders your all-around budget, as reselling old parts for some cash can often be an important asset in upgrades).

My configuration beats this PC even at the sale price. But if it weren't at the sale price and it were $990 + $20 shipping, my configuration would pretty much murder it for over $150 less.

Get the point?
Don't buy that PC.
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