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Time for a little update, took shell back off today to start making placements for the connectors ect


Thanks to for supplying the above, USB port and HDMI brackets


After using some breakout plates I made little masking tape templates to get the placement right, the only thing I never figured before doing this was how hard it is to file something so flimsy and flexible.. Go figure


Test placement of the outputs and inputs and power switch, here is a diagram to explain better


I knew something would go wrong, one of LED lights connectors popped so ill have to try and solder that! And I can not for the life of me find the 20PIN to 20PIN male connector to go from power board to motherboard!!! (I would say sods law that something goes wrong during a build), but I think I will start the saying off for us all to use… Modders law that something goes wrong.


Ok might as well put the shell on for a test fit again and see how she looks.


Power switch in placement of cut off switch, also makes sense with this build.


Front USB port placement (my fav one as rear came out a bit slanted)


I think ill be printing out another grill sticker for lower section of these rear USB mounts as I am not happy with them at all, or I make a plate out of black acrylic for it, but for me it has to be sorted, the HDMI is cable tied to the bottom as I am waiting for small black screws to arrive to mount it in, going to print out a number plate to stick over it once it is in and then use craft knife to cut out the centre (HDMI hole)..

Last but not least a couple of pics I snapped on the phone.


Need to smooth off the edge a fair bit to get it right, but you can see the direction I am going in.