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Download the 340 SBF & RSD lite 4.8, the .596 2-step 2.3.3 updates from P3droid, D2 bootstraper (found in market, but I think you can find it floating around on droidforums), z4root, and the GB ROM of your choice and put them at the root of your SD card (the only two worth considering is Liberty 0.8/0.9 and CM7). For CM7 I think you update directly from froyo, make sure you read the instructions that come with that ROM and ask questions if you're unsure about something.

Backup apps using titanium, backup all data using CWM
Wipe data & cache and dalvik in CWM
SBF back to froyo
Install z4root, reboot, run the app, then install D2 bootstraper open it up and hit "Bootstrap recovery"
Reboot into CWM and install the 2-step GB update WITHOUT rebooting in between
After that's installed, I'd boot into the phone to make sure everything appears to be working fine. Then I'd make sure that you're still rooted and you have D2 bootstraper installed.
Reboot into CWM, wipe data once again and install Liberty 0.8
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