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Gigabyte UD3R rev1.0

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First of all: sorry for my extremly bad english... I'm learning it.


I bought this motherboard... Nearly 2 years ago (as soon as it was released).
It is cheap, yes... But I get defetive one: my CPU socket clip deforms CPU cover (case, plate), which makes Cooler contact with CPU cover only ~50%

I had bad temperatures, in silent: 50C, in full load: 80C

Some photos:

But I solved this problem by:
  • Unscrew bolts on backplate (star shape)
  • Bend feets of the clip (2 feets)
  • Put little bit more Thermal grease in deformed places
  • Bought new Cooler- Asus Triton 88 (used by my friend, so it was 50% discount, I bought backplate for 1366 socket separatle as he lost it)
Now I have good temperatures: 37 in Silent and 60 under full load.

I decided to overclock this system.

My specs:
  • Core i7 920 C0/C1
  • Gigabyte EX58A-UD3R-SLI rev1.0
  • DDR3 2x2Gb Silicon Power 1066Mhz + 2x1Gb Transcend 1066Mhz (don't swear please, I know it was foolishly to by low freq memory...)
  • HD4870 512mb CrossFire x2
  • 700W Cooler Master Silent Pro (great PS, the best which I have ever had)

I plan to overclock it up to 3.8Ghz, as 4.0Ghz I see pointless- huge power consuption (up to 30%), huge volts, and low perfomance increase (10%).

I already read these thread: http://www.overclock.net/intel-cpus/...920-930-a.html

I tried to play with BIOS configs... Now I'm testing stability on those configs:
  • qpi clock 36
  • uncore 16
  • cpu clock ratio 20
  • bclk 190
  • system memory multiplier 8
  • pci express 100
  • turbo boost: disabled
  • cpu enhanced halt (c1e): disabled
  • CPU IEST function: disabled
  • memory performance enhance: Standart
  • dram timing selectable: quick
  • RAM timings: 9 - 9 - 9 - 24-1
  • loadlinecalibration enable
  • vcore 1.26875
  • cpu pll 1.880
  • vqpi 1.315
  • vdram 1.660
  • vIOH 1.2
  • vICH 1.2
  • CPU voltage amplitude: +800mv
  • CPU Skew: +300ps

I've tried to put x21 but I was required to turn on Turbo Boost, which make BDOS every stress test (even with max volts). Then I tried to put x19 (as it was told that odd multiplers are better. But with 19, I had too high RAM frequency - 1600Mhz which in my opinion extreme for my type of RAM, so this was also turn BDOS every time (even with high volts). Then I decided to stay on x20 (I already got stable configs on that multiple).

My next step was uncore multipler. When I started, I chose 18, but after lots of errors, BDOS, I decided to put 16 (which is 2x higher than memory multipler).

And now I'm just playing with volts... Stress tests etc, but it is relatively stable now.

May be I'm doing smth wrong? May be some one have the same MB, memory and CPU, so I could compare my configs? I would be thanks for every help!
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OK... I nearly finish my sress tests.
My currently configs are the same, except vcore and vqpi, vcore is now little bit higher: 1.26875V
vqpi I made lower: 1.315V, as I was getting BSOD every time with errors like:
0xD1 = QPI/VTT, increase/decrease
0x9C = QPI/VTT
0x124 = increase/decrease vcore or QPI/VTT

I've done Memtest86+ without any errors for 30 min under OC freq. I won't repeat this test during night, as I don't want to burn my RAM...

Now I'm doing LinX stress test (15000 * 50)

Oh... And the most interesting- temperature!
I installed second FAN on Triton 88 and I get 9! degrees celsium temperature drop DOWN! Fantastic
Now maximum temperature under full LinX+prime95 load is: 69C on the hottest core. Average temp under full load is: 65C.

BUT! I've got one really strange thing: my Wi-fi PCI adapter stoped work properly - I can't find any Wi-Fi networks! Even if a router is within 2 meters away from the adapter... Also I found that 4th core doesn't load fully - it show that it loads fully but temperature is 10 degrees lesser than on every other cores! Laso when all cores are stay in idle, this 4th core work under 25% load! Very strange.... Didn't I burn anything?!?! =O
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lol if I put high vqpi and Wi-Fi runed off.
I put normal QPI and uncore x18 and Wi-Fi turned on...
I put normal QPI and uncore x16 and Wi-Fi turned off...
I put high QPI and uncore x16 and Wi-Fi turned off....
I can not put normal QPI and stay on x18 uncore as it is always BSOD with error on QPI...
I tried to do everything with vcore 1.4 but no results...
Really strange MotherBoard...
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OK... I fixed, Stabilized and finished my OC!
I changed uncore on x17 and didn't touch my last configs, and Wi-Fi start working, system is now stable, no BSOD errors in Prime95! Temps are:
54 in idle, 82 in load. I took the hottest core in each stage.
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